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Nyan Cat! the iPhone game update!
Posted by prguitarman
May 13, 2011
Nyan Cat! has now been updated to 1.1 on iTunes! Check out the official app!:

Hey everybody, I hope you're all doing well. Life has been extremely busy here with my new full time job and lots of behind the scenes work I've been doing, but I just want to let everybody know that I really appreciate all the support and love lately.

Anyway, I'm sure some of you know about our official Nyan Cat iPhone game coming out. We currently updated it to version 1.1 which opens a whole new mode called Sky Attack. Marc Ellis, my friend and programmer of the game, would like me to post this message to hopefully answer everybody's questions or concerns you may have with the game. We've been getting a LOT of questions and it'd be nice to just get a centralized and official statement out, so here we go:


Hey, I'm the lead developer for the "Nyan Cat!" app, and I wanted to share a bit of news about it. I've been keeping a close eye on reviews, twitter, and google searches to see what I need to improve with the app, and I'd like to tell everyone what I will be working on, hopefully to be submitted to Apple next week.

First of all, people don't like the music. I'm not a musician. I do almost everything related to game development, but I can't do music. Luckily, since Nyan cat is so popular, my partner and creator of Nyan Cat, PRGuitarman, has had some luck finding musicians. For version 1.2, we're swapping out the default music yet again to something we feel is better. We decided that we weren't going to be able to knock off the popular theme on youtube and still satisfy people, so we found a new musician to make a sort of 8-bit remix of it. That isn't all, however. We are adding a music download section where you can download new music for free. Both versions of the old game theme will be on there, and we will be adding loops to it every now and then. We'll likely take submissions for it, so it will be full of all sorts of remixes and original music. Also, we will allow users to load their own music loops into the app through iTunes' file sharing. iPod music is a possibility as well, but that may take a while, so we'll probably release it in a later update so we don't have to delay any other new features.

Second, a lot of people who downloaded the app, but don't want to pay for the unlocked version and new game mode feel like they aren't getting enough out of the app. For this reason, we'll be adding a new game mode for both free and paid users. Free users will be able to play the full mode as Nyan Cat with Game Center and the works and paid users will be able to play the mode with all of their unlocked characters.

Third is minor tweaks and bug fixes. I'm not going to lie. There are bugs. Some sound rather annoying. The game center alert bug will be fixed in 1.2. I also tweaked gameplay based on feedback. The player will now have a higher maximum speed. It's still capped, but it should make things easier to dodge and the game easier to pick up. To balance this out, one more enemy will be able to spawn at once. There will also be a sensitivity control, since I can't satisfy everyone with one sensitivity slider. I'll also be looking into making the new characters load faster as you switch them.

Also, 3G users have reported crashes. Considering we haven't changed much from 1.1 aside from adding the game mode and sound effects and such, we believe this is a memory-related crash. We're pleased to announce that we've further compressed our sound files without making them sound any worse and we've added some memory management to the app. I don't have a 3G to test on, but I will look through the profiler and try to get memory usage as low as possible.

Also, we've gotten the app under 20MB by removing the arm7 binary, along with the sound compression. Hopefully Apple doesn't mind. I've tested it on my iPhone 4 and my original iPad and have noticed no changes at all.

We weren't making a ton on ads, and we wanted to give people the option to remove them, as well as a bunch of content for their dollar. We wanted people to feel like they were getting their dollar's worth. We did not intend to make the app feel incomplete for everyone else. For that reason, we plan to give out free content in every other update at the very least along with extra content for the people who have supported us by unlocking the game through the in-app purchase. We're plenty happy with the numbers we've been seeing and really, the most important thing to us at the moment is to make all of our users happy, whether or not they have purchased anything. I honestly get a little upset every time I read a review by somebody who feels like they haven't gotten enough out of the app, and I'm going to do my best to change that.

Anyway, thanks for all of those who have read this. Look for 1.2 in about 2 weeks. I think everyone will enjoy all of the fixes and features it has to offer!"

I'd also like to add that we definitely have plans to enter the Android market, but TL;DR it'll be expensive for us. Like, really expensive. We'll do our best to make it happen, though.

If you still haven't downloaded the official Nyan Cat! iPhone game, you can totally do so here:

Anyway, a real update will come soon, don't worry. Thank you for your patience :D
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